Tuesday- Friday 10:00AM - 7PM,    Saturday 9AM - 4PM

Foot Reflexology (Add on any pedicure)

Reflexology is an effective natural healing art to help you feel better, look better and enjoy life Reflexology is much more than a massage of the feet. It is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which corresponds to every part, gland, and organ of the body. A treatment stimulates the body's energy system to clear blocks and stagnant energy from illness & discomfort, bourishing the body from head to toe.

A treatment helps your physical and energetic flow by balancing & toning the organs & internal systems, and helping to flush toxins out of the body. Research shows it is a powerful therapy to reinvigorate the body's own energy system and stimulate self healing.

  • 15 Minute foot Reflexology Session   $15
  • 30 Minute foot Reflexology Session   $30

Brow and Lash Tinting

If you have lighter brows, an eyebrow tint will better frame your eyes, and lasts up to 3-4 weeks. Instead of applying mascara daily, a lash tint will allow you to have darker lashes for up to 4 weeks. Viva La Beauty only uses an in-house brand of special vegetable dye that contains no chemical ingredients to avoid any unwanted skin reaction.

  • Eyebrow Tinting  $15

  • Eyelash Tinting  $20

  • Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting  $30 A combo of brow & lash tinting at a discounted price.

  • Eyebrow Waxing & Tinting $20​

Eyebrows Waxing

  • Eyebrows Consultation & Design$15 (First time clients)

  • Eyebrows Maintenance $10 (Returning clients with regular visits every 2 to 4 weeks)

  • Eyebrows  Reshape $12 ( Longer than 4 weeks)


Natural Nail Care for Women, Men and Children Manicures Include: Nail Shaping, Cuticle Removal, Shaping, Buffing, a Lotion Massage, Color Polish of your choice or Buff to a Natural Shine.

    Manicure: $12 

Kids Manicure (under 7 years old): $8

French Manicure  $17

Designed to resemble natural nails, and are characterized by natural pink base nails with white tips. The tips of the nails are painted white while the rest of the nails are polished in a pink 

Dip Powder Manicure

Dip powder nails are somewhere between a regular mani and a fake nail. Instead of using LED light to seal in your polish, the color comes from a pigmented powder. Between base coats and a sealant, you dip your nails into a little jar of your chosen color for a mani that could last two to three weeks. 
Dip powders soak off easier than gel polish, leaving the nail healthy and beautiful after removal.

​Viva La Beauty Salon reserves the right to an additional $10 or more charge for all nails exceeding an average length at our discretion!

                                              $45 (Natural  Short Nail)

                                   $50+(Long Nails or extensions)


Gel Polish Manicure

Are you tired of polish chipping after just a few days? If so, take your service up a notch with a Gel Polish application said to last 2 - 3 weeks without chipping, dulling, fading or smudging! But remember, this is all dependent on several factors including client lifestyle and client health! Get the lowdown during your next appointment!

In addition, Viva La Beauty Salon GUARANTEE’S all Gel Polish applications for 5-DAYS in which you may return to the Salon to have a repair done FREE of charge. If a repair is made during your next maintenance appointment there will be an associated charge of $5 PER nail!

$35( Natural Short Nails)

        $40+ (Long Nails or Extensions)  

$40+ (French Gel Manicure)

Viva La Beauty recommends ALL Gel Nail Enhancement services return for appropriate maintenance every 2-3 weeks to ensure proper stability of the nail and to maintain nail health. Gel Nail Fill’s are a $50 service in which ALL of the nails should remain intake. If arriving for your appointment with nails that have been completely removed (by accident or on purpose) or have suffered breakage Viva La Beauty Salon reserves the right to an additional $5 PER nail charge due to extra product, extra time and extra supplies needed for the fix process!

Pink and White UV Gel "Permanent French"

It is among the most popular look among women. It's classic, clean, natural, and shiny and read to go without having to wait for the polish to dry or the worry of the polish wearing off.

UV Gel Permanent French Full Set: $80+

UV Gel Fill INS French: $60+

UV Gel Clear or Pink

Is an excellent coating over natural nails. Gel will keep your nails shiny and natural without polish. UV Gel is recommended for those who constantly work with their hands and don't want to worry about their shine fading.

UV Gel Full Set: $70+

UV Gel Fill INS: $40+

UV Gel Fill INS & Gel Color (2 weeks): $50+

UV Gel Fill INS & Gel Color (3 weeks or more) $55+ 


Natural Nail Care for Women, Men, and Children Basic Spa Pedicure Includes: Nail Trimming, Shaping, Buffing, a Lotion Massage, Wrap Up with Hot Towel and Color of your choice.

Pedicure: $23

Kids Pedicure (under 7 years old): $17

Detox Soak by Cuccio  $60

Detox soak helps to detox & de-stress in one unique foot care treatment. First place your feet in Soothing & Herbal Detox Soak. A gentle exfoliating scrub is followed to remove the mask from your legs, finish with a leg massage with detox oil & warm paraffin wax treatment. 60min.

Rose & Champagne Pedicure $50

We think you’ll LOVE it, This luxurious treatment will help rejuvenate tired legs and feet, leaving your feet totally pampered and ready to take on the world. A delicious fragrant treatment inspired by the fruit of the vine is an awesome treat for your feet. Let's start soaking your feet with a splash of Champagne Rose Mineral Bath followed by a Champagne and Rose scrub, a butter mask wrap followed by a massage with Champagne Rose cream. Finish with a  warm paraffin wax treatment. 60min.

Milk and honey Pedicure

As sweet as it sounds, our pedicure will do justice with the enzymatic exfoliating properties of milk (contains lactic acid, a natural AHA)and the hydrating qualities of honey. It's wonderful at protecting and rejuvenating. First place your feet in our intensive milk and honey sugar cane scrub. Then your feet are wrapped with a milk and honey derma mask followed by leg and foot massage. Finally, we dip your feet in a warm paraffin wax treatment, leaving them smooth and moisturized.60 min.

Perfect Sense Paraffin for your feet $60

Is an innovative paraffin – based treatment that blends exhilarating aromatherapy, electricity-free heating, and powerful skin care formulas to address a variety of skin care needs and is 100% relaxing. Perfect sense Paraffin is a revolutionary product that eliminates the risk of bacterial infection that you may get with insanitary paraffin baths. Now you can avoid the community paraffin tub. Including pedicure and leg & foot massage. 60 Min.

Gel Polish Pedicure

enjoy your pedicure service completed with Gel Polish latest innovation in nail polish is a patented soak-off gel lacquer service that lasts 3 to  4 weeks.

Gel Polish Pedicure $40
Gel Polish French Pedicure $45

Callus Treatment

Is formulated to reduce calluses and eliminate dry, rough skin. Callus remover is applied to callused areas of feet and set to penetrate for 10 to 15 min. This is a safe alternative to traditional methods of using credo razors, which are now prohibited by the state.

  • $15 extra with Reg. Pedicure 

  • $10 with any Spa Pedicure